Through diverse pictorial practices : painting, drawing, poetry, photography, and video, my work uses a minimalist vocabulary of rigorously geometric forms to explore and experiment with the sonority of nonmaterial illusions based on an object and its spatialisation —— with the sound composed from images, sculpture, books, and installations, up to and including sound performances in the installation space.


Influenced principally by the artists of minimalism, geometric abstraction, concrete art, concrete poetry, musique concrète, and electroacoustic music, I seek in my work to reduce the notions of narration, emotion, and subjectivity, while amplifying the notions of purity, logic, rigor, and objectivity to the point of autotelism and void.


The pictorial work is mathematically computed and transformed into sound using analogue synthesizers and field recording. Surfaces and even dimensions are calculated and converted into elements of the sound component, as if the sound were emerging from the object. In the end, objects and sounds are spatialized by the diffusion of sound, which is sometimes integrated within the object. Another possibility is first to record sound in various places and then to create an object that is mathematically transformed on the basis of a geographic, architectural or others.


Blending on peaceful colors and neutral sounds that exert a therapeutic effect, the acoustic experience brings the listener face to face with the immateriality of the object and the materiality of the sound, producing a spatial diffusion of static objects. Objectivity achieved through the logic of the exact sciences, any more than through the chanciness of a throw of the dice, represents neither utopia, nor perfection, nor truth, but it hopes to bring forth balance, freedom, and an imaginary realm.



amo vaccaria